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Human power your growth.

Go beyond mere aspirations to extraordinary business performance through human-centricity.

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More Revenue  •  More Shareholder Returns  •  More Resilience  •  More Adaptive  •  More Innovative


Getting the human experience right is the determining factor of every thriving, resilient, scaling business.

Are you focusing on the very thing that sustains your growth, or are you inadvertently making the journeys of your employees' and customers' difficult or frustrating?

That's what we help you do.

Employee Experience


Human-centered at the core.

Converge around a common vision, shared values and an empathetic understanding of diverse people and their real, varied needs and experiences sparking creativity and innovative solutions.


Collaboratively co-creative.

Strategically involve stakeholders of varied backgrounds/functions, leveraging their collective knowledge to accelerate discovery, decision-making, alignment, adoption and skill building.


Holistic, joins the dots.

View the organization ecosystem as a whole, considering the needs and experiences of all stakeholders and the business. Identify and prioritize the most valuable, feasible solutions that work together and scale.


Iterative, learning by doing.

Incorporate constant feedback and experimentation loops to de-risk investments and nurture innovation and iterative delivery to deliver value incrementally.

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Strategic Advisory

& Coaching 

Human-Centered Research

& Experience (X) Design

Human-Centered Innovation

Learning Programs & Co-Creation Labs and Workshops

Create and deliver tailored solutions that address contemporary workplace problems, enhancing experiences through human-centered research and design execution.

Strategic guidance to identify opportunities to reduce work experience friction points and fulfill your business ambitions.

Expand your team's problem-solving, collaboration and facilitation skills through human-centered innovation and facilitation learning experiences or tackle a real problem as a team in a learn-by-doing, co-creation innovation lab or workshop.


Our offerings

We team up with clients, through strategic advisory, research, and design projects, and offer customized learn-by-doing experiential programs.

We are trusted by the world's most prominent brands. 

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Working with XPLOR, more specifically Lisa, has been one of the most valuable professional partnerships I’ve had in the past few years. As a subject matter expert in the employee experience, design and HR spaces, who also has a deep background in communications, transformation, innovation, and supporting senior leadership and other disciplines, Lisa is truly one of a kind.

Lisa is truly one of a kind.

Our clients say it best.

Kristin McDonald

The Coca-Cola Company

I had the pleasure of working with Lisa on developing a strategic experience-centered practice and plan for a global organization that had traditionally not prioritized candidate and employee experience holistically. Lisa’s expertise and guidance were invaluable in accelerating our understanding and creating a practical employee-centered strategy that also achieved our business goals. Her ability to balance the needs of the organization with the needs of employees is truly remarkable. I highly recommend working with Lisa, regardless of where you are in your journey.

Lisa's expertise and guidance were invaluable.

Our clients say it best.

Jackie Blair

Rockwell Automation

Lisa was invaluable in accelerating my understanding of talent experience principles and best practices, and she connected me to the tools and resources I needed to stand up a cross-functional experience design practice within my organization quickly and effectively. Lisa is the go-to source if you’re trying to get your head around talent experience -- or if you’re trying to figure out why your existing approach isn’t working the way you think it should. She’s brilliant and no nonsense. I can’t wait to work with her again.

She's brilliant and no nonsense.

Our clients say it best.

Dobby Gibson

Land O Lakes

I had the extreme pleasure of working with Lisa Morris.  She was instrumental to our team and the development of our future alumni community and the experience strategy. Lisa’s extreme knowledge in research, strategy and experience design was critical to defining our alumni community experience and in making it a reality.  ​Her continued focus on delivering a meaningful experience for the community and to our business was always her main priority.

Our business was always her main priority.

Our clients say it best.

Becki Cedrone

The Coca-Cola Company

Lisa was great to work with and stayed in touch over the next year as we planned the 2021 conference. Her sense of humor and deep experience in Human-Centered Design were evident in her presentations.
She definitely walks the talk!

She definitely walks the talk!

Our clients say it best.

Wendy Lowey

The University of Iowa

Adapting to a New Future of Work

Grappling with adapting to new trends, technologies, work paradigms?

We've been working with growing companies to design hybrid/ flexible work experiences and ways of working that empower everyone to perform their best.  

Improving Onboarding Experiences  

Is it time to scale up your onboarding experience or expand it?


One key determinant of your sustained growth comes down to effective onboarding people at at all levels. We've been designing experiences that help people get up to speed faster, contribute and feel belonging sooner, and stay longer.

Enhancing Employee + Customer Interactions

Are you serving the needs of people who serve your customers? 


Employees are a critical touchpoint of your customer  experience.  Redesigning processes, systems and structures and ways of working to  minimize friction, maximize  efficiency and maintain a human element, changes everything. We've been helping design work to work for people, so people burn out less, and serve customers with more delight.

Learning Experiences

Is innovation stalling? Does learning feel like a checkbox activity? 

We craft learning experiences with intention by balancing learner needs and desired outcomes. Companies regularly seek our support in creating learning experiences for leadership development, human-centered design and innovation, team development, and more.

About us

XPLOR is a independent, female-owned human-centered design consultancy. We help growth-minded organizations intentionally create business-building cultures and experiences people love.


We are creativity and growth catalysts committed to creating a people-centered future for business, defined by extraordinary success.

What we have worked on 
with our clients recently.



Let's connect, explore your situation, and discuss how we can partner. We'll lay out our plan together.



Together, we'll understand needs, challenges, and opportunities, create practical and integrated strategies, solutions and experiences that connect with people and accelerate your growth and desired outcomes.



We help you implement and plan for what's next to ensure you sustain momentum over time.

The Coca-Cola Company EX Project
Rockwell Automation EX Strategy Facilitation
TIAA EX Transformation
LandOLakes EX Strategy Facilitation

Our design approach accelerates

your desired business outcomes.

Avoid undesirable, unusable, and unsustainable solutions, as well as backlash, low adoption, inertia, and costly missed opportunities.

If you are ready for a more enduring
approach to success, let's team up.

Here's how we get started.

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