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This is my story.

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I'm Lisa Morris.

Founder at XPLOR


With over 25 years of expertise at the intersection of organizational behavior, research, strategy, and design, I've dedicated my career to solving business problems by centering on the human ones.

I earned my undergraduate degree in Mass Communications and a graduate degree in Organizational Behavior and Communication from Miami University in Oxford, Ohio. Additionally, I hold advanced certificates in Employer Brand Strategy, Graphic Design, Human-Centered Design, and Service Design. As a certified active educator, coach, and facilitator of human-centered design and innovation at the Luma Institute, a globally acclaimed provider of human-centered design training and coaching, I bring a wealth of knowledge to my role at XPLOR and my clients.

Before founding XPLOR, I held senior leadership roles at Sparks Grove, a small design agency, and spent nearly two decades at Accenture in strategy, business consulting, employer branding and innovation roles. 


In a world where the only unchangeable constant is precisely change itself, I hold firm in my belief that the heart of any thriving, growing business is people - inside and outside of an organization.

I want to create a future where successful businesses craft experiences where human and business success harmoniously converge. I redefine organizations as dynamic ecosystems, recognizing every individual's well-being and fulfillment as keystones of success. Beyond traditional metrics, I view businesses as communities of individuals, understanding that neglecting the human experience risks fading away in the evolving landscape.


My commitment extends beyond boundaries; I am a catalyst of human ingenuity and a designer of positive futures, guided by the principle that prioritizing the humans of business leads to enduring success.  My ambitious mission is to transform every organization to be human-centric, cultivating the talents, creativity, and emotions of people to drive innovation, growth, and long-term success, ensuring that organizations prioritize the human element at their core.

Are you ambitious? Do you want to rewrite the narrative of our business world? 


I would be privileged to support you.

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