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Reimagining an iconic alumni community experience

Project Type

Experience Design Research
Experience Design

XPLOR inspired an iconic brand to rethink its approach, recognizing missed opportunities in business development, recruitment, and brand advocacy. We advocated for extending relationships with departing and former associates through signature experiences, emphasizing empathy and humility.

Over four months, we collaborated with the client to develop a signature leave and alumni experience. This involved research, strategy, business case development, and experience design. We interviewed over 100 individuals, including associates and alumni, to inform our strategy, which was centered around six alumni archetypes. We produced a vision video, business case, implementation roadmap, and program operating model. Additionally, we conceptualized four future offerings.

Our collaboration secured global C-Suite endorsement and initial investment for the alumni experience strategy, beginning with a Minimum Viable Experience (MVE) prototype. Current feedback exceeds expectations, with highly engaged alumni enhancing the brand. XPLOR provides ongoing Experience Design, Agile expertise, and EX transformation coaching as the client scales.

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