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Co-creating better experiences for customer contact associates

Project Type

Experience Research
Experience Design

When Customer Contact representatives face job friction and low morale, it's crucial to intervene. A top financial institution engaged us to listen, understand, and identify opportunities for improvement.

In a 4-week lab setting, we worked closely with 15 Customer Contact associates and stakeholders, dedicating up to 8 hours weekly. We started by listening to their work experiences, identifying improvement areas. Together, we prioritized challenges, focusing on structured career guidance and dedicated development time. Through concept ideation and prototyping, we developed "MyPro Tracker," an app offering unretractable career development time and flexible scheduling with gamified guidance. After testing and refining, the client took over implementation.

With our guidance, associates embraced a new creative problem-solving approach, leading to an innovative solution that addressed their needs. This solution consolidated various departmental efforts. Excited about the approach, associates endorsed it across the organization and appreciated their colleagues' gratitude. As a result, Customer Contact associate engagement increased by 10%.

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