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Crafting the ultimate learning experience

Project Type

Experience Research
Experience Strategy

Faced with the need to upgrade team members’ skills in new areas and directions, this global communications, automotive and media conglomerate requested XPLOR’s expertise to take a human-centered approach to understanding different learner needs and desired learning experiences.  

We began by conducting rapid, in-depth assessment of learner needs, motivations, modality preferences, and experience pain points. Compiling and synthesizing our data, we updated learner personas and drafted a robust learning experience strategy that featured personalization and encompassed learner-centered content, information architecture, and learning methods and environments. 

We held a leadership and cross-functional workshop for stakeholders that formed a shared vision of the ultimate learning experience. This workshop paved the way for the Learning function to receive business case approval for a significant investment. The first phase of the new learner experience leveraging a new learning management platform and an enterprise-wide effort to organize people, infrastructure, and communications for the new learner experience provisioning is live now.

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