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A human-centered approach to internal service innovation

Project Type

Service Design
Experience Design

When subscription to and engagement with a service (including an internal service) is low, that is an opportunity to rethink the service’s purpose and reimagine its value. This was the case for the HR Performance Enablement team at a world leading beverage company when they sought us out.

Utilizing customer experience data, the XPLOR team guided the client's Performance Enablement team through workshops using a human-centered approach to innovation. We began by empathizing with associates - individual contributors and leaders - to understand their goals and needs throughout their journeys. This led to the development of job stories for new service concepts, followed by ideation and prototyping cycles with associate engagement. The team is now finalizing the implementation of new offerings.

Subscription to the newly designed service offerings has increased by 25% and associate feedback is trending positively. And the Performance Enablement team learned the value of thinking from different perspectives. And as a side benefit, we helped the Performance Enablement team transform its brand.

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